Optimization of Data Centers Using Wireless Sensors

FREMONT, CA: Data centers have become inevitable, and so has the increasing use of electricity needed to keep them functioning. The increasing consumptions have put everybody in the state of bother. In this situation, wireless sensor networks have come to the rescue as a possible solution to the woes. Wireless sensor technology involves a network of devices, which can send and receive information. It consists of several sensors which are designed to monitor specific properties.  After monitoring the attributes, they send information regarding their performance in real time to the designated software, which helps in analyzing the data and provides insights. The data from the software helps in understanding the pattern of power drainage, and the user can fix it to reduce consumption.

In a data center, a substantial proportion of energy consumption is caused, by non-IT functions like cooling, fans, and lights. In most cases, the space conditions are controlled, by a building automation system. These systems are not very efficient. On the other hand, the wireless sensor network gives real-time information about energy consumption from individual cooling units, which function independently of each other. The same gives far better control to the operator who can manage the systems and reduce the consumption of electricity. The purpose of saving power as well as lowering costs is served, by using wireless network sensors.

One can opt from a variety of sensors depending on what parameter or aspect one wants to monitor. Sensors are available for monitoring humidity, pressure, particulate matter count, electricity wattage, and many other such properties. So the technology provides several options and is not limited to cooling systems alone.  In terms of being cost-effective, wireless sensor technology scores well again. Data centers can reduce wastage and have increased efficiency, thereby reducing utility bills. The sensors regulate external conditions well and thus reduce wear and tear of the system as well, increasing its life.

Wireless sensor technologies offer many advantages, but it is essential to consider a few points carefully while using them as these could limit their functionality. The batteries in the sensors are critical to their functioning. Changing batteries is essential before it limits the sensors. Once these issues are addressed, one can get the best out of wireless sensor networks.

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