Router SG250

Router SG250

Auto Detect and Mange AP, max to manage 32PCS AP, Allow 80 User Access…

Appearance Size : 232mm*142mm*44mm

Number of ports 

    • WAN/LAN:1000M*4(3 ports auto adaptation)
    • LAN:1000M



  • Router SG250  is Gagabit Hight, Performance, with AC and Authentication functions. Easily, manage wireless AP. With ceilling AP, in wall AP, outdoor AP, can offer wireless network solutions for all kinds of environment, like: hotel, enterprise, school, shopping mall, restauant.

  • Router SG250 is featured with Smart QoS, User Behavior Management, and Firewall function, so it can guarantee for 300 concurrent users.

  • Router SG250  allows for centralized management and configuration of  APs  (up  to  256  of APs).  It can dynamically change the configuration settings (such as channel and RF transmit power)    of the APs based on accumulated RF information gathered from nearby rouge APs and APs’s radios. Some APs, may be told to change to a different channel, whereas other APs may be toal to change their RF transmit power. It’s also dynamically supports load balancing between APs. The final result is better performance for your WiFi network

  • Multiple Gigabit WAN and Multiple Routing FunctionsSG250  supports multiple Gigabit WAN ports with the features of load balancing. Ethernet superimposed and multiple ISP network access to avoid bandwidth overload. SG250  also supports policy-based routing functions.

  • Smart QoSSG250  supports smart QoS based on ports, individual users, user groups and user applications. SG250  allows bandwidth reservation and dispatches by tunnel or by application. SG250  provides multiple queuing mechanisms, congestion avoidance, traffic policing, traffic shaping and priority marking. In order to ensure different services for different users and applications.

Hardware Data

Model SG250
QTY of manageable AP 128PCS max
CPU MT7621
DDR3 256MB


1 * Gigabit WAN ports, max 4 WAN ports
4 * Gigabit LAN ports, min 1 LAN port
1 * Reset Button
1 * AC 100-220V, 50/60HZ Power Pin
1 * Power Switch 
232mm X 142mm X 44mm
Power 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

Firmware features


Concurrent APs and Connections Management

Max. 250 CCs

Max. 32 APs

Centrally and remotely to manage/configure wireless AP

View user’s status


Smart Flow Control

One click smart flow control

Powerful multi – line diversion

Application Priority Automatically




Load Balance

Multiple WAN ; Multiple ISP network access

Intelligence load balancing

Ethernet line backup

Ethernet Superimposed

Policy routing: Based – on IP address, destination IP address, source MAC address, network port, domain, destination port, Extranet port, Identity binding

Protocol binding

Routing Static Routing

Behavior Management

All-round to block P2P firmware

P2P flow control and bandwidth allow

File and URL filter

Monitor network behavior at all times


Bandwidth Limitation

Based – on IP bandwidth limitation

Safeguard / Restrict bandwidth

Time strategy

Based – on IP session restriction



Security Center

MAC address filter

Username Password / Key words filter

Web content filter

IP address filter

Port mapping



Defense Center

TCP/UDP/ICMP flood defense

Block TCP scanning

Block ping WAN port


ARP Detection

Send GARP packets

ARP Scanning on WAN/LAN port

Online detection

IP-MAC binding

Authentication PPPoE authentication

Portal authentication : Wechat Authentication; Username / Password authentication; One-time Password authentication ;SMS authentication

Management Web/CLI/Telnet management

Remote management

Others DDNS, VPN management
Content SG250  *1

Power Cable *1

Installation Accessory


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