iZiFi AC Pro (L200)

iZiFi AC Pro (L200)

The Enterprise-Grade High Perfomance WiFi 5 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point, especially
designed for the Indoor Envionments deployment with High-Throughput-Demand.




Ideal Use Cases

Performance-critical wireless LANs.

Recommend for High-density coverage.

Operation Management

Support flexible mode FIT(Wlan Controller Member) and FAT(Stand Alone AP)

Central-provisioning from Wlan Controller.

Self configuration one by one AP via WEB GUI.

Support flexible network mode operation: AP, AP Router, WDS Wireless Link, ISP Client.

Hardware Features

2 radios: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, Dual-Band.

802.11N, 802.11AC Wave2 1200Mbps.

2 × 1 Gbps Ethernet port (WAN, LAN).

PoE: 802.3at.

Suport 12Volt DC input.

Wire Network Optimization

Support Multi 4SSID/Vlan tag per radio.

MAC ACL in the FAT mode.

Router support DHCP Server and Bandwidth QOS in FAT Mode.

Router support port forwarding and DMZ.

Monitor and track statement of the online client devices.

Wlan Network Optimization

In FAT Mode, Auto channel selection by AP self in the Passive.

In FIT Mode, Auto channel provision from the Cental Wlan Controller with flexible mode Passive and Active.

Radios optimized for rate-vs-range performance.

Built-in real-time RF spectrum view in FAT mode.

Wlan Controller-based automatic roaming assistant(Client’s match decision).

Support Band Steering Prefer 5Ghz.

Support Fast Roaming 802.11k,v,r

Device management

Create device-specific firewall rules

Schedule reboot system.

Schedule on/off Wlan Radio WiFi.

Central Firmware Management or Direct Firmware Upgrading

Local syslog.


Model L200
802.11 Standard 802.11 A/N/AC 5.8Ghz
Data Rate 1200Mbps
Antenna Integrated 2×2:2 Antenna
With 5 dBi
Transmit Power High
Beamwidth 360°
Chanel Bandwidth 20/40/80 Mhz
Network Interface (2) x 10/1000 Mbps Ethernet Ports
Power Method 802.3af/at PoE

48V Passive PoE (Pairs 4,5+ & 7,8-)

12V 1.5A DC Jack

Power Supply 24V, 0.5A PoE Supply (included)
Features Wireless AP, Router AP, WDS Link, Client ISP

Wan Interface: DHCP Client, Static, PPPoE

Multiple 4 SSID/radio

Vlan/SSID 802.1q

Wlan Security: Open, WPA/WPA2-PSK

RF Optimization configuration

Firewall: DMZ, Port forwarding, ACL L3/L4, MAC Binding.

System Firmware, backup restore configuration

System time zone

FIT MODE: Wlan Controller (CAPWAP)

Max Power Consumption <13W
IP Ratings IP65
LEDs 1 Power, 1 WAN, 1 LAN and

4 Wi-Fi Signal Strength LEDs

ESD/EMP Protection Contact Discharge: ±6KV

Air Discharge: ±8KV

RF Power 2.4G RF Power

802.11b           11M     21±2dBm        1M       21±2dBm

802.11g           54M     20±2dBm        6M       22±2dBm

802.11n HT20 MCS7  19±2dBm        MCS0  21±2dBm

802.11n HT40 MCS7  18±2dBm        MCS0  20±2dBm

5G RF Power

802.11a           54M     19±2dBm        6M       21±2dBm

802.11n HT20 MCS7  18±2dBm        MCS0  20±2dBm

802.11n HT40 MCS7  17±2dBm        MCS0  19±2dBm

802.11ac HT80           MCS9  16±2dBm        MCS0  18±2dBm

Receive Sensitivity 2.4G Receive Sensitivity

802.11b           11M     -85dBm           1M       -94dBm

802.11g           54M     -72dBm           6M       -90dBm

802.11n HT20 MCS7  -70dBm           MCS0  -88dBm

802.11n HT40 MCS7  -68dBm           MCS0  -86dBm

5G Receive Sensitivity

802.11a           54M    -74dBm           6M       -90dBm

802.11n HT20  MCS7 -72dBm           MCS0 -88dBm

802.11n HT40 MCS7 -68dBm           MCS0 -86dBm

802.11ac HT80 MCS9 -58dBm           MCS0 -80dBm

Environment Operating Temperature: -30~55 ℃ Max Operating

Temperature: -40~70 ℃ (Throughput lower)

Storage Temperature: -40~70 ℃

Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing

Management Firmware GUI ,Remote Management (CAPWAP)
Concurrent Connection 200+
Concurrent Users 100
Dimensions 188mm * 188 mm * 50 mm




Download DataSheet Guide: iZiFi-Converting FIT-FAT Mode 


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