WLAN Solution in Video Surveillance

WLAN Solution in Video Surveillance

Brief Introduction                

Video surveillance is more and more common in schools, building sites, scenic spots, roads, industrial zones… The traditional video surveillance systems have been gradually phased out as need a large amount of LAN cable, bad flexibility and low scalability. In this solution, we follow “full featured, cost saving, advanced technology, high reliability, excellent extensibility and easy management” rules to choose the right products.

Requirement Analysis                

  1. The system integrated with videp surveillance, network transmission functions and all-round protection.
  2. The whole system can monitor and record in 24 hours, all the performance meet with state requirements. And the systems runs safely more than 20000 hours, high reliability.
  3. The system should be extended, which convenience to expand when installation.
  4. During usage, should be convenient in routine maintenance, easy to reconfigure, check and recover the firmware, or upgrade the firmware.
  5. Protect the monitoring system to avoid illefally obtained, or control the network sources.
  6. Consider the total cost, actual climate, geographical and the link quality to choose the best device.


  • High Flexibility

With ABS water-proof and dust-proof case, flexibility to install in outdoor and indoor, long time to protect the device.

  • Long Range Transmission

High power design with MIMO high gain panel antenna, high sensitivity and long WiFi range.

  • Easy Installation

Support PoE (Power over Ethernet), transmit data and provide power by 50~70 meters LAN cable, easy to install the outdoor CPE in place no power socket nearby.

  • Excellent Stability

Support watch dog, auto reboot and auto recover; With channel analysis tool, allow device work in best channel with low latency and more throughput, improved much in stability.

  • High Efficiency

Support PTP (Point to Point), PTMP (Point to Multi Point) connection by press the WDS switch and Reset button, no need access into WEB interface, greatly anhence the efficiency in construction.

  • Plentiful Functions

This outdoor CPE including plentiful functions like multiple operation mode, MIMO technology, RF power adjustable, more frequency with channel analysis tool, multiple Encryption, make it very good choice in wireless monitor in elevator.

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