WLAN Solution for Shopping Mall

WLAN Solution for Shopping Mall

Brief Introduction

As the popularity of smart phone, PC, pad, the reliable high speed and secure wireless network has become  the standard service of shopping mall, the good internet experience will increase the traffic volume of shopping malls. Therefore, this scheme provides a complete wired/ wireless network solutions and monitor for shopping malls.

Requirement Analysis

  1. Integrated wired and wireless network to meet with customers and employees requirement.
  2. Customer network and employee network isolated to ensure the whole network security and stable.
  3. Support Captive Portal Authentication like Google/Facebook/WeChat/SMS Login to realize advertisement promotion.
  4. Centralized configured by WLAN Controller, Plug and Play, Remote maintained by cloud server, simple and cost saving.


  • Gigabit High Speed Internet

Use L2 Giabit PoE Switch, with Gigabit Up-Link, ensure high-speed data transmission, provide faster Internet access

  • Full Wi-Fi Coverage with Seamless Roaming

Adopt AC Controller (Authentication Gateway) + Wireless Access Point, provide seamless wireless coverage for shopping mall, Guest can enjoy their real time entertainment or office working freely even they are moving between different wireles access point coverage

  • Centralized Configuration and Management

AC Controller (Authentication gateway) automatically to detect all the connected wireless access points, distribute IP address for each wireless AP, zero configure SSID, password, channel, VLAN, RF power in a single PC, easy to achieve the installaton and management.

  • Data Isolation to Ensure Network Secure

Most VLAN Switch support port isolation; Then wireless AP support multiple SSID, different SSID banding with different VLAN ID to do data isolation; different users access into different SSID to protect the whole network security.

  • Multiple Authentication and Advertisement Promotion

Works as Authentication gateway, AC controller can access into cloud server, realize captive portal authentication, such as Facebook/Google/WeChat/Member login support wireless access after advertise promotion, even can collect users browse recored and contact information for second time sell.

  • Remote Maintenance

AC Controller (Authentication Gateway) access into cloud server, then administrator can access into cloud server and login AC controller’s web interface to do the management and maintenanace at any time and any place, simple and cost saving.

Device List

Product Model
Authentication Gateway and AC Controller SG250
PoE Switch IS-M24G2S
Wireless AP XD4200


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